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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

6:36 AM

Lolitas preteen naked grils


Related article: Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 17:29:22 +0000 From: Steve Thomas Subject: Cole's Dreams, Chapter 43This is a work of pure fiction, based pictures pussy teen lolita on the author's feelings, beliefs, and in some cases, experience. There may be graphic sexual encounters at times between men, so if this offends you, you are invited to retreat. If you are too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to be reading this kind if story, shame on you for reading it - - please stop here. If not, - - ENJOY!Cast of Characters:Cole Alexander Stephanson IV -- Our heroJazz -- (Jack Zachary) Coles oldest brotherDiane -- Jazz's wifeJanie and Jesse -- Jazz's kidsRod -- Coles middle brotherSuzanne -- Rod's wifeWill and Cole V -- Rod's kidsIgor (Iggy) -- Cole's Tutoring PupilCole Alexander Stephanson III -- Coles DadEthyl Stephanson -- Cole's momRex Remlin-- Rod's best friendGus Hartwin -- Cole's BoyfriendMichelle -- Cole's old girlfriend.Dexter -- Iggy's boyfriendEd -- ParamedicManolo -- ParamedicSteve -- Manolo's boyfriendRandy -- Found BoyCurtis -- Found boy's brotherKian Willis-- Friend in VancouverNicolas Poole-- Friend in VancouverHoward Poole -- Nicolas's FatherChristian -- the pool guyBoyd -- the pilotSpike -- Cop and former classmateThe millie my boy lollipop twins: Marcus Aurelius Alexander The GreatJon -- Teacher's AideGary Rose -- NurseChapter 43The first week of classes up until now was always so easy. I guess the profs think that by now, we have had it easy enough! Well, that's fine by me! I'm ready to work! After two weeks of this, I am glad I didn't add more classes as I was threatening. My tumor is gone, but the strain on my one eye is tremendous. By the end of the day, I usually fall into bed completely exhausted -- too tired for anything but sleep!Luckily Gus is not so afflicted! He "loves me to sleep every night". I still love the sex, but I'm afraid I'm not as much fun for him as I'd like to be. He says it's okay."Hey, babe! I love sex with you -- and I love being on top!" He said to me when I cried after one particular Thursday night session."I just wish -- I want to please you as much as you do me!""What makes you think I'm NOT as pleased as you?" He countered. "Look: I love being on top, and I love to suck on you! What could be more satisfying?""Don't you like me inside you sometimes?""Sure!" Tell you what! You take the weekends! After you have rested. Would that be enough for you?""Well -- yeah -- but - ""No! We're not gonna have any `buts'. (Well, except I love having your butt!) Look, Sweetheart, I'm a versatile top, and you're a versatile bottom. What could be more perfect? You take the weekends, and I'll take the rest of the week.""Hmm. So three times for me and four for you - - huh?" I said."Is that really the way you want it?" He said. "I was thinking more like 2 for you and 5 for me!""But - ""Uh! Uh! What'd I say? I prefer top! Can't you understand that? I can! Or do you WANT top more often?""No, I - ""Good! Then it's settled. Until further notice." He proclaimed."I just -- thought -- well, I love you in me so much, I guess I can't imagine that you would prefer the top!""And I can't imagine ANYONE actually preferring bottom. But -- you do! I accept that. I LOVE it! Why can't you?""I -- guess -- I do!" I said, so tired I was about ready to cry again."Good! You're making me tired!" he said. "I love you and I love our relationship -- just the way it is! Remember when we first - - "That's all I remember of that conversation. I lolitas preteen naked grils fell asleep in the middle of his sentence. I did feel his body arching around mine and felt his hand gently stroking my chest. "G'night sweetheart. I love you." He whispered. All I could muster was,"M-mm""Well?"I looked around. "OH! Hi, Rex." I mused. I was even sleepy in my dream. "I thought you millie my boy lollipop were gone.""I'll probably be around for some time. But I did sort of come to say g'bye, though. I want to spend more time with my grandpas grandpa. He's really cool! He's sort of my own personal angel. He's teaching me a lot! 17 topless lolita bbs I'll check in on you once in awhile, but you won't know it. I'll know if something is wrong and I may even tell you -- in a way that you don't know it's me! That's part of what great-great-grandpa is teaching me. I'll always be here for you. But -- Scrub -- there is someone more qualified than I am! Father sent the Holy Ghost to do what I have been doing. I can only be in one place at a time. But his influence can be everywhere at once."Now Rex seemed to be interpreting my questions before I could even say them. "Yeah, that's also part of what g-g-grandpa is teaching me. But what I want you to know is - - you seem to only pray when you -- or someone else you care about -- is in trouble. Father loves to hear from you -- and even though he is already aware of your problems, he still wants you to talk to him. But more importantly, he also wants to hear from you when you're happy and things are going well. Yeah, I knew you know. But just try to remember." He said. Toward the end he kept getting brighter and brighter -- and then he was gone."You didn't even hear the clock radio come on did you?" It was as if Gus's voice was coming through a tube. I shook my head. It was light outside. "It's Friday, Dude! Three more classes and we're outa here! Get up!""Rex came to say g'bye last night" I said."I know." He said."Was I talking in my sleep?""You're not the only one that dreams! He came to me too. I figured he came to you. You probably don't know what he told me though.""What?" I asked drowsily."He said that I should not worry if my dad is not all I want him to be. There is someone there who is waiting for me -- to guide me after I die. I mean -- he had to go back three lolita asian school girls generations to find someone.""Yeah, I know. His great-great-grandpa.""Dude, I know it's a little late, but -- not too late. Could you -- suck me off? I got awfully horny watching you sleep!""You already cleaned off?""Yeah. I already took my shower."My bottom lip stuck out. I was hoping to shower with him. "Hold that pose!" He said. Now -- gimme the top lip too and we'll be all set." He laughed. I still was pretty drowsy, so he humped my face at a very fast pace until he grabbed it and his dick went down my throat. I easily relaxed and let his warm fluid shoot down my gullet. He hugged my head close when he was finished. I gnawed on the softening meat on its way out."Well, THAT woke me up, at least! And the breakfast appetizer was great!" We always meet after first period at the student center for breakfast. His class was 8:30 and mine was 9:00.I arrived at the student center just as the breakfast arrived. He knows exactly what I like. Oh, I don't millie my boy lollipop always get the same thing, but I like being surprised. "Wow! You clean up pretty well, Babe!" he joked to me when I came to the table. "Damn that eye patch looks cool. Distinctive or lolitas ls news bbs something. Do you even see all the others -- guys AND girls -- that watch you?""Yeah! They can't keep their eyes off the freak!" I said, only half joking. I don't like the eye patch, but I nn lolita panties pics know that to others it's pretty cool.As if she knew what we were talking about, a girl came from across the room. She made eye contact with me several times. I was hoping that she would pass me and go to the bathrooms behind me. No such luck."Hi!" She said cheerily. "I'm Mickie and I -- I mean we millie my boy lollipop -- were just wondering if you wanted to come to our combined sorority party next Friday."She didn't even look at Gus. That made me mad! But I hid it, and said sweetly, "Why THANK you! I'm Cole! That would be wonderful! Would it be okay if I bring my boyfriend?" I said indicating Gus. Gus was having trouble not laughing."Oh!" She uttered. "I -- er -- uh -- sure! I mean - - well, - sure! Thank you! I mean -- er -- okay! Ahem! You're welcome!"She started to retreat when I said, "Mickie!" She turned. "Where and when? And can we bring anything?" I asked.She got out a pad and pen. "What's your email? I'll send the details to you." I gave it to her."That's the last we'll ever hear from her!" I said."Don't be so sure!" Gus countered.Sure enough, by the end of the day, there was an invitation in my e-mail inbox from "mickiebaol.com." Gus giggled, "So -- are we goin'?""You wanna?" I asked."You think there might be trouble?" He said."I dunno, but -- you know what? I'm tired of hiding out. I'd love for others to know I love you!""What's the e-mail say?""Dunno, let me open it."From : Sent :Wednesday, September 8, 2004 5:59 PM To : Subject :Re: Party "Hi Cole, I'm sorry if I was rude this afternoon. I didn't mean to be. It just took me by surprise. Neither of you looks like -- well, I better stop while I'm ahead -- or is it too late already? You asked what you could bring? It's an open party. The football team will be there. I get so tired of their attitudes! I wouldn't blame you if you didn't come, but if you do -- bring all your friends! We'll make it a real mixed party! Let me know, please. -- Mickie"Whattaya think?" I said."We could ask Manolo and Jon!""I dunno. Jon still goes here. He may not be quite ready for that!""We could still ask. And Iggy and what's that nurse's name -- Gary? And - ""Why not just ask Ig and let him decide." I said."Duh!" Gus said. I wonder if Boyd and Chris could fly down?""I dunno, but we should first ask Nick. If he and Kian come, then guess who'd have to fly them down?""Of course. His pilot and steward!""SPIKE!" I cried. Gus turned around and looked toward the door."Huh?""We never found out about Spike! Whether he was positive or negative or what?""Damn! You're right!" Gus said."Let's call Spike and see what happening with him. Maybe he could come too! That would make an even dozen of us -- if everyone came!" I said."AND - - Spike's a cop! Maybe he could come in uniform -- that would help defray any trouble!"When we got home, I was more energized than usual because of our excitement of the day. Mom and dad were at Jazz and Diane's with the twins. Do you think we took advantage of our home alone status? If you thought so, you were SOOOO right! I topped him with so much energy! I whooped and hollered for at least a minute before I came harder than I could remember, and then while I lay prostrate on the bed, he started to lick my perineum. I was immediately hard again.He laughed as he squeezed my hard woody! I squealed like a little girl. "Gus!" I said between breaths. I was still gasping from topping him! "You've never done that before!""Duh! Was it really that good? Because if it was, I'll do it some more -- after you go clean up! I got a little taste of something I wish I didn't!" he chuckled. "I thought this would be as good a time to try it out as any!""Let me catch my breath." I said between gasps for air."Never mind!" he said and he ran to the bathroom. He came back with a wash cloth. He washed me off -- and out a little -- and also cleaned my dick off - then started back to the bathroom. I stopped him."Clean yourself too, Babe!" I said."Oh! Okay!" He said, delighted."I'm not making any promises, lolita free nude pictures Gus. But If you tried it, - so will I!"He came back to me and said sweetly, "I'll clean up after I finish you." He then went to work and started to lick me again. He was on all fours over me, his genitals hanging over my face. Well, at least part of them were hanging. The other part was pretty well suspended above my nose. I reached out to lick it, and he put a mouthful of saliva on my perineum. Then he probed a little with his tongue. I screamed. I flexed my anus and his tongue circled it round and round.Then I felt something harder slip in. His lolita slaves russian 12 finger. He fingered me like he did the very first time, and then clamped on to lolita bbs top lists my dick with his mouth as he plunged in and out with his finger -- then two, and then three. My eye was closed and I was in another world when he turned back up to my face and kissed me as I felt him enter me. He gently pushed in and out for a time, while kissing me deeply."Go for it Sweetheart! I whispered. He couldn't kiss me while he did me in earnest. So he started to thrust faster and faster. "Harder, Babe! Harder! Faster, Gus -- baby -- faster, harder, I begged. He was pounding my ass so hard, it hurt like hell, but I was loving it at the same time. Each time he went deep it would pound past lolitas preteen naked grils my prostate and I started to feel my cum rise. Gus started to scream."It's cumming, Cole, IT'S CUMMING AH! AH! AH! OMIGOD, Babe -- it's -- oh! Oh! Oh! He started to scream and cry. preteen lolita japan bbs "OMIGOD" He blubbered! "Oh, Cole! Oh!He collapsed on top of me. His hard orgasm was intensified by my own. It was the most beautiful duet ever!When we grabbed our breath, we decided we better call our friends and invite them to the party. We decided to call Spike first."Spike!""Who's this?""It's Gus!""Cool! What's up queer!""Who you calling queer?""Takes one to know one!" Spike laughed."How are you?""Me? I'm fine -- as good as can be expected!""Oh." Gus said. "Why?""Just this nasty cold in my chest.""Oh. Did you get tested after we talked?""Oh yeah! Scared the hell outa me. Negative!""Cool!" Said Gus. "You dating anyone?""Naw!""Wanna go to a party with us next Friday night?""With the two of you -- you and Cole?""Yeah, and about a hundred others! Twelve that I know of -- if they all come -- are gay.""I don't know anyone to bring.""Okay you got me there. Eleven! Come by yourself. You can dance with some of the football players.""I'll probably pass on that part, but I'll come if you want me to.""Definitely!" Gus said."What time is the party?""Starts at nine.""Perfect! I may be a little late. My shift ends at 8:00. Gotta go home and change.""No -- don't!" Said Gus. "Just come in your uniform. That would be -- so cool!""Oh, yeah! Like the Village People! Thanks!""Hey if the shoe fits! No, seriously, if you come in uniform, it would maybe lighten up some of the football players' crap.""Fuck their crap! If you can take one of them, I can handle the rest of `em!""Spike, these aren't high school football players. Some of these guys are trying to go pro! Just wear the uniform, dude!""I'll think about it!""Think positively, Spike. There are a lot of guys who would go wild over you in your uniform!""Don't I know it!""Duh! There you go!""I'll think about it!""But you ARE coming?" Said Gus"Yeah, I guess.""Just say yes or no, fucker!" chided Gus. He looked at me apologetically. I shrugged. I know who he was dealing with. Actually I was still having a hard time liking Spike. He was like my antithesis in high school. And to think -- he was gay, too! Sometimes there is no other word to describe -- yeah! Gus is right."I'll be there - - in uniform!""Awwww, Spike! You're a sweetheart -- under that hard shell!" Gus prodded. "Bye.""Fuck you, Ass hole!" Spike laughed. "Bye!"I keyed Nick's number in. "Cole! Sweet! What's up?""Nick! We wanted to invite you down here -- for a party. You and Kian.""When? Only me and Kian?""Well, if your pilot and flight attendant aren't otherwise engaged, they're welcome too. It's next Friday night.""NEXT Friday? Dude! Short notice and all! We have plans! Dad -- oh Dad! That reminds me! He's pissed at you!""Oh! Really?""Well, you said you weren't coming and then after they were gone, you came anyway! Well, okay, he's not pissed. But he was sure disappointed.""So -- what's going on next weekend?""Company convention. I'm supposed to be here for it. There will be other parties -- won't there?""I dunno, but this one is a joint sorority party, and - " "Sorority? pictures pussy teen lolita That's girls isn't it? What's happening? Are we losing you to the dark side of the force? Let me talk to Dad. This might be an emergency!" He laughed. "Dude, I WANT to come! You know we all would! But - - well, let me work on it. I'll call you in a couple days. Aren't you millie my boy lollipop almost 21?""Actually, we both just did turn 21. Within a week of each other.""What'd you do?""Nothing -- yet. My brothers had some problems. We're not out of the woods yet there, but it looks good. Anyway, we might celebrate next weekend.""That's my angle. I'll work on getting away. Your birthday celebration is cause for an emergency. The only other problem is Boyd and Chris. They'll be pretty busy taxiing clients.""Oh!" I said disappointed."But -- well, you never know. I'm in charge of transportation too, so I may have other possibilities. I'll call you.""A warning: There will probably be lots of brew flowing.""Don't worry. He won't touch any. He knows better. Did I tell you he's now working for the company?""Really? Kian now works for you?""Well, not directly. But yeah. It's pretty cool. He's great and very creative. He works in the marketing department.""Cool! We'll be waiting for your call.""We said our goodbyes and then I called Manolo and Iggy. Manolo was quiet about it, of course, but said that he and Jon would probably come. Iggy said he didn't have anyone to invite. "What about Gary?""We didn't hit it off. Wrong chemistry, I guess.""Well, come anyway. It's not a gay party. You can just come stag and - ""Aw, I don't think I want to - ""And -- we may be celebrating our birthdays - - " SO? I lied!"Okay -- in that case I will do it! (sigh!)""Great!" I said, feeling so guilty! Well!!? Maybe we WILL celebrate it then!"Hello Gary?""Cole?"" Yup! `Guess you have caller I.D. How have you lolitas ls news bbs been?""Not bad.""Great!""What's up?""I -- um -- wanted to invite you to a party.""Really? Thanks!""Well -- you and maybe a date - ?""Oh." He sounded disappointed."You can come stag if you want!" I assured him. I mostly didn't want him to think that I was gonna be his date!"Is Igor gonna be there?""Yeah." I said."I don't wanna make him uncomfortable. I don't think he liked me all that much.""I understood you guys didn't hit it off all that well. I don't think it'll be a problem.""Good! I think I'll come. Oh! When is it?""Next Friday night.""A week, huh?" He said. "You know, there is this guy I have seen a few times that is kinda fascinating to me. He's older and very manipulative, but I don't let him get away with it. He's cute -- in a perverse kind of way. Perverse I guess because -- heh -- I KNOW I shouldn't be fucking with him. But I'm getting a kick out of it.""Do you mean `fucking' literally?""Naw -- though -- heh! Well, anyway -- he's very bi! He's definitely not a keeper! But he's just balls out, hella fun! He seems to know a lot of people, and -- hee hee -- they all seem to `know him' well enough to roll their eyes when he appears. Haha! But I like him! And get this: his name is Gunther -- says he likes to be called `Gunt"."Hmm. Sounds interesting. Oh! This isn't a gay party. lolita asian school girls So will that be a problem?""Naw! That only means he'll be hitting on both the guys and the girls! Heh! But he knows he's coming home with me!""You're pretty sure of that!""I am! He knows what he'll get after the party!""Oh! You're that sure of yourSELF. That's cool!""Hey, I gotta go. I'm at work here. A nurse's work never stops! Hehe. But next Friday night I have off. Send the details to my email -- k?""Okay, Gary. Heh! Bye."I turned to Gus. "I think Gary was a little too much for Iggy!""Sounds like it. Is that everyone?""I think so. I don't really think Manolo would appreciate it if Steve was there. And besides, on Friday night, he'll probably do something with his wife.""Maybe you should call that chick -- and tell her what to expect.""Oh! Mickie! Yeah! Oh! I don't have her number. But I still have her email. I'll let her know.""Before or after?"Umm -- Mom and dad could be home any time -- DEFINITELY after!"I had more energy than I realized!Notes: Sex can do that to you sometimes! Gunt? I wonder if Gary REALLY knows what he could be in for! Comments are always welcome -- and answered! Steve at stevethomas535hotmail.com. Thanks and love, Steve
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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

12:00 AM

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